What websites do architects use?

The 10 Best NCARB News Websites for Architects | Architectural Record. For the past 125 years, Architectural Record has published award-winning commentary on education, technology and other industry news. Dezeen is an architecture, interiors and design magazine based in London. Dezeen is the world's most influential and popular architecture and design magazine and winner of numerous journalism and publishing awards.

Ten articles about Scenario Architecture ArchDaily is an online blog that focuses on architectural news, projects, products and events aimed at architects, designers and other interested parties. ArchDaily is one of the most visited architectural websites in the world, with approximately 160 million page views per month. ArchDaily articles on Stage Architecture Designboom articles on Stage Architecture Houzz is a website and online community that discusses ideas related to architecture, interior design, decoration. The community uses the Houzz forums to help solve others' problems.

Houzz articles on Scenario Architecture Architizer is a digital platform to help architects promote their work, from there, it became one of the largest online architecture platforms. They have also grown to become the world's largest architectural award program. Architizer's articles on Scenario Architecture Wallpaper is an architecture and design magazine based in London. He also has a very popular online blog.

Wallpaper uses its blog to publish exclusive online articles and interviews about global events, conducted by the publishers of Wallpaper. Within architecture and urban design, an orderly and orderly portfolio says a lot. This is especially true for digital communication. Simple and elegant presentations, combined with well-executed projects, inspire and impress potential clients.

We have put together the 7 best architectural websites that show exemplary work and well-thought-out interfaces. ArchDaily is one of the most visited architectural websites in the world. Archi-Graphi focuses both on architectural developments and on the general communication process involved in its projects. They are involved from start to finish, satisfying varied needs and ensuring the quality of the results.

With extensive design experience, Archi-Graphi has more than 15 years of design experience and 1,200 project references to his credit. The Kilograph website really shines in its use of full-width hero videos (which are extremely eye-catching), a clean design and typography, and the use of gifs to animate your thumbnail photos. For an agency that positions itself as a digital guru with animation and branding services, it certainly promotes itself well. SOM is an international architectural firm that specializes in technically and environmentally advanced buildings and public spaces.

His impressive portfolio of projects includes some very high-profile works, such as the Freedom Tower in New York, which is located near the site of the former World Trade Center buildings. SOM is also deeply committed to sustainability and is one of the leading innovators in green building designs; SOM projects consistently acquire high levels of LEED certification. With a body of work that speaks for itself, the SOM website is extremely adept at showcasing the firm's extensive experience. With a simple grid design that presents a small thumbnail image with the name and location of the project, it only takes a glance to see that this agency has worked on a multitude of cutting-edge projects around the world.

As stated on their home page, MafcoHouse believes that good homes start with great relationships. This Canadian-based architecture firm is creating modern, environmentally friendly homes, with Dan and Diane Molenaar at the forefront of its design operation. With MafcoHouse, you can return to Earth through nature. In addition, your website is a simple, easy-to-navigate interface adorned with bright, high-quality images, creating a digital breath of fresh air.

Therefore, with easy navigation and simple content, MafcoHouse is an ideal demonstration of minimalist design focused on reconnecting its customers with nature. Olson Kundig is a design studio that has apparently mastered the fusion of elegant and modern design with natural landscapes. Most of the study's projects have an expert application of natural elements, such as wood and stone, with open-concept designs and kinetic elements that celebrate the human scale and touch. Ark Shelter is a European-based company that creates spaces for living, working and relaxing.

Like MafcoHouse, Ark Shelter incorporates the essence of nature into its design. Basing its design principles on flexibility, practicality, durability and intelligent technology, Ark Shelter reconnects customers to nature and to each other. In addition to reinventing modern escapades, Ark Shelter also successfully expresses its vision through its modern and sharply designed website. Behind the header menu is a hero video that immerses you in the Ark Shelter experience.

Clean, direct navigation makes it easy to navigate your pages without the volume or frills. Like Ark Shelter homes, their website provides the information you need through a beautiful, minimalist design. Architizer is at least as successful and useful as Archdaily, with the many architectural projects and articles it shares. It organizes award ceremonies as a result of the A+Awards architectural competitions, which it organizes in dozens of different categories every year.

In addition, there is a great product introduction, a manufacturer's page and an architectural office archive. This U.S.-based architecture page is a guide to the professional life of architecture students. Study Architecture publishes projects by architecture students, various articles, educational videos and useful resources for career planning. In addition to that, it includes a questionnaire that helps you understand which schools of architecture in the United States are right for you.

They even designed and shared an exemplary architectural professional career. Not sure where to start planning an architecture career? Then, you should definitely visit this site, which is like an Architecture 101 resource. Archilovers includes more than 200,000 projects and as many other architect profiles. In this large archive, you can filter and find the right buildings and architects for the features you want.

There is also a blog category with short articles on architectural structures on the site. If you've ever posted on ArchDaily, we serve as a pretty decent site alternative;). But if you decide to create your own website, we've selected a list of 18 companies whose example you could follow and we've given you some tips on things to avoid. This is what it looks like to get right to the point.

The MMBB website does not open with an artistic home page, but with a wide range of projects immediately presented to the viewer, accompanied by a series of filters to narrow the search. The SOM website has a lot of information and is therefore an exercise in good practice so that too much information does not become a problem. It has several search filters (location, markets, services, date, alphabetical order), and when you enter a project, it has all the information (data sheet, news, description, etc.). This website is an excellent example of how to limit options to increase efficiency.

On the main page, you will see a large and beautiful image accompanied by only three link options. Only once you get closer to what you want, more information is provided, with the help of some very elegant menus and filters. The homepage of the FXFOWLE website is eye-catching, with a captivating 3D scrolling effect. But more importantly, they also know when to remove sophisticated effects, since the pages on your website that contain more information are simply organized with submenus and detailed filters.

Many of the companies already listed above are large international trading companies and, as expected, are more likely and better able to invest in their online presence. But in addition to these exemplary designs, there are many that are more polarizing; websites that, while technically flawed in some obvious ways, have designs that some people can't resist. Interestingly, they also tend to belong to large internationally renowned firms, which have a strong enough profile to break the rules and make a statement with their presence on the web. OMA's website design isn't really the easiest to use, with a lot of information everywhere.

However, with the amount of information included on the website, this is somewhat understandable, and a variety of filters and other techniques are offered to help you process things, with varying successes. However, a good detail is the way they display recent Instagram images of their projects created using the location geotag. It's comforting to see a company giving such a presence to the way people actually use their buildings. The DS+R project presentation looks great and has some practical filters to help you search through its large number of projects.

If you are an architect or student, you should always have your reference websites for various purposes. We visited a website for information, images, cropped backgrounds, and everything that makes our process easier. Here is a list of useful websites for architects and architecture students to obtain information and their efficient process. If you're an architect, you should have visited Archdaily.

Archdaily is a complete source of news information, articles, case studies, interviews, research and anything else about architecture. It is one of the most visited websites by architecture students and teachers. RIBA is a membership program for all architects. It is a licensing platform that also provides news and information on architecture from around the world.

It's a different platform with a different theme. The RIBA should build better buildings with stronger communities for a sustainable environment. Perhaps you are an expert in the practice of BIM or a genius of computational architecture, and you want to share your knowledge with your friends and students. Wouldn't it be nice to record a tutorial and send it to all your colleagues who need it? With Screenr, you can record your screen to share software tutorials or any small questions about the software with your friends and colleagues.

A comprehensive platform for searching for competitions. Archicompetitions is a website dedicated exclusively to architectural and design contests. It is a storehouse of competitions from all over the world and especially helps to find competitions for architecture students to improve them. As an architecture student, it's exhausting to keep our files organized and in the right format for future use.

Sometimes, we'll need to extract a jpeg image from a pre-designed pdf file. Or convert an AVIF file to a jpeg image and all other file conversions. Zamzar is a source of approximately 1200 file conversions and, for larger files, it will even email the converted files. ArchDaily is, in particular, the largest and most visited digital architecture publication.

The website shares news, projects, interviews, events and contests. In addition, it is an excellent resource for catching up with what is happening in the industry, looking for inspiration in projects or finding a job or an architectural challenge. Architectural Record has published news and informational content in the field of architecture since 1891. In addition, they stand out with their publications on architectural technology and architectural products. Anyone interested in reading about architecture or having a more artistic website should check out the Disc Journal.

The office website has gained much attention in the architectural community for its efficient way of communicating its projects and concepts. Another architecture school with an extraordinary website is the Harvard Graduate School of Design (GSD). The website is dedicated to the promotion of landscape architecture worldwide and has around 250,000 monthly visitors. This website is a useful tool for architects, engineers and designers to have privileged information about events within the architectural firm.

Founded in 1997, Archinect is a website where job offers, schools of architecture, companies, architects, news and events are shared. The fact that it creates a category for student studies and architecture courses makes this platform different from other architectural websites. This is a great resource for architecture students and for those who want to expand their exposure to architectural visualization. Many architectural firms don't necessarily think of the quality of their website as an expression of their company's character and standards.

In particular, “the continuing education articles they publish make the platform one of the most contributory websites for architecture students. . .

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