What is a site architect?

A construction architect is tasked with managing construction projects on site, and this can be through regular on-site meetings or, in very large projects, a permanent location on the actual site until completion. The architecture of the website is the hierarchical structure of the pages of the website. This structure is reflected through internal links. The structure of your website should help users to find information easily and search engine crawlers to understand the relationship between different pages.

A web architect conceptualizes the structure of a website and plans exactly how its different components will be linked. The average tasks of a web architect are more complete than simply coding the hypertext markup language (HTML) or operating a graphical web page creation program. Web architects must have a good working knowledge of content management, search engine optimization (SEO), easy-to-use navigation practices, and how to implement the objectives of multiple websites. A web architect job can also involve creating and managing databases connected to a given website, as well as uploading various types of documents for users to download and read.

A site plan is a very important part of any set of architectural drawings. The site plan will often show information such as existing and proposed buildings, access, landscaping, site boundaries, and much more. However, there are different types of site plans. Therefore, in this post we'll look at what the site plans are used for and what information is included in them.

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