How do i choose an architectural design?

What differentiates architects from other people who design homes is that they are licensed by the states in which they practice their profession. To obtain a license, an architect generally must obtain a degree from an approved architectural program, complete an internship, and pass an exam. All of this ensures that architects have a high level of experience in design, materials and building systems. As exciting as the design process is, it can also be a challenge.

Choosing the different design elements of a home requires time and careful effort, and the final decision must be something you're 100% satisfied with. Choosing an architectural style isn't just about what looks good. It requires careful consideration of everything from the size of your family to your lifestyle and budget. Talk to your architect about your needs, wants, and style inspiration.

Together, you can choose a design style that works for a home that's truly designed for your way of life. Like architects, architectural designers (sometimes simply called designers) have studied and practiced architectural design, some for many years, but are not licensed. Therefore, an architectural style is defined by some design elements that define the characteristics of those particular styles of architecture.

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