How to choose a site architecture?

Crucial factors to consider when selecting your siteDefine the reason or purpose for placing your plan on the site. Access to public services and raw materials It's just part of the decision-making process: you have to DECIDE on one site and move on. Otherwise, your thesis will not advance. Take two or three days and take a vertiginous tour of your area, focusing on the features you described.

Narrow down your list to three places. Choose the best one from that night. It's like anything in life, design, etc. Do some research, think about it, make a decision.

If a juror or your advisor criticizes your site, stand firm. It is what it is and you need that data. Tell them that this is the site and ask them to judge the design based on the site and the decisions you made that were informed by the site you chose. If they continue, tell them to overcome it and that the criticism is over.

I saw someone do that once, it was quite shocking and fun.

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