How do i create a silo structure in wordpress?

Create isolated content (in-depth content) on a WordPress page. You should target a specific keyword (it may be highly competitive). Now, on the silo pages, it includes internal links to all the publications below. Add the links to the main pages of the silo you created on the home page through the navigation or sidebar.

And a website that has a content silo for “restaurants in Paris” is more likely to do so than a website that only includes a restaurant in Paris. Your website may not contain an inventory of products, but it's still a good idea to organize your content in a silo structure. On my website I have a blog and I want to clearly understand how to use it for a correct silo structure. Silo storage is an SEO architecture technique that optimizes the structure of a website, organizing content in silos according to target keywords, in order to increase relevance in the eyes of search engines.

While siloed storage is especially useful for large sites with a lot of content, it also works for smaller sites, as long as you have enough content to put it in your silos. Personally, I think it's easier to manage a large number of publications than pages, but it's still necessary to manually update the silo page when adding pages to a silo. Creating topics in the context of silos means designing content around target keywords, to create solid silos (or topics) related to keywords. I'm not going to send a user to a silo page if I have a more relevant page for them within that silo.

By nesting subtopics within a content silo, you're indicating to search engines that your website has thematic authority for that topic.

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